MYI works to address
low agricultural incomes
and improve agricultural
productivity in Rwanda.

Rwanda is a small landlocked country in east-central Africa, officially as known as the Republic of Rwanda. The size of the country is a quarter of South Korea and borders Uganda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo,  and Tanzania. Rwanda, also known as “A Thousand Hills,” has beautiful natural landscapes, but it is also a country with a painful history of colonial domination and genocide. Although the majority of the population is engaged in agriculture, most of them only practice self-sufficiency, which leads to very serious economic problems. Rwanda is made up of the capital, Kigali, and four regions (East, West, North and South). 

MYI assists the Gahengeri district in Rwamagana among the seven eastern districts. In particular, MYI is working to solve the problems of low agricultural income and productivity by supporting agricultural activities of vulnerable groups including matriarchs, single mothers, and more.

Our work

Green Light Project(GLP)

MYI successfully completed the 5-year project in 2017-2022 with KIA Corp. 

Mobility trucks were greatly expanded through rental services for agricultural equipment and agricultural machinery using its trucks, and agricultural technology was distributed through the GLP vocational training center. 

MYI has strived to train professional and systematical agricultural experts through a professional entry-level agricultural expert training program. In addition, a union was established to efficiently distribute the grown crops and a system was established to enable the union to operate autonomously.

KOICA project aimed at strengthening the self-reliance ability of low-income groups in rural community

MYI selects highly poor and matriarch farmers to provide agricultural tools, seeds, and training in agricultural technology and increase their sense of accomplishment in agricultural activities through the experience of growing relatively difficult crops and high-income crops in the greenhouse.