MYI helps Malawi people
become economically
independent by supporting the agriculture, education
and health.

Malawi is a country located in Southeast Africa and its official name is the Republic of Malawi. Malawi's national income according to the IMF in 2023 was $496, one of the poorest countries in the world and ranked 191st out of 195 countries.

MYI helps 13 villages in the Chandawe cluster, located in Mchinji province, 80 km northwest of Malawi's capital, Lilongwe. Chandawe Cluster is a lower-income rural area where more than 90% of the 7,145 local residents are engaged in agriculture and most of them are small-size farmers relatively.

Thus, MYI is eager to assist various fields of Malawi people including agriculture, education, and health so that they will turn into economically self-reliant.


Crop distribution business

The Chandawe cluster is in the unfavorable situation for grain distribution due to low market accessibility and a dearth of information. 

For these reasons, a social enterprise (MY-Chandawe) was established to distribute and sell agricultural products produced by farmers at a reasonable price and MYI also aids granary rental projects that enable safe and long-term storage of surplus agricultural produce at low cost.

Collective farm program

As agricultural households headed by single-parent women respectively are vulnerable to poverty, MYI operates collective farms for them. As part of the collective farm, MYI serves as a springboard to emerge from poverty by providing training in agricultural technology and agricultural goods injections including seeds, composts, agricultural machines, etc.

Young talent training program

To discover talents in the local community and help them contribute to self-reliance, MYI regularly provides ICT education and organizational management training to young people in the community.

Food aid program for the season of spring poverty

Near-poor and low-income farmers in Malawi are vulnerable to low agricultural productivity and market fluctuations and experience chronic food shortages every year. To guarantee their right to live, cereals are sold at low prices or free of charge to 940 households each year.

Handover and management of the Hope gristmill

Due to the characteristics of Malawi corn varieties, the process of grinding corn using a flour mill is essential for making food. Thus, MYI supports the establishment of flour mills in the villages of Gumulira, Mgurula, and Samisoni, and the mills were fully transferred to local cooperatives in 2021. After the transfer, MYI aids sustainable operations by carrying out continuous regular monitoring, repairing/replacing old machines, and covering fuel expenses.

Installation of Hand Pump

Several areas of the Chandawe cluster lack drinking water and water for agricultural use. To ensure the proper use of water resources, MYI installed 10 hand pumps and supported a maintenance capacity building program for maintenance.

Health (MYI’S own support project)

Management of the Hope Public Health Center

MYI provides malaria prevention, treatment, and general medicine to residents who do not have a nearby public health center or hospital. MYI especially focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of malaria as malaria carries a very high mortality rate and requires intensive management.

Education (MYI’S own support project, Samsung Dream scholarship foundation, Global overseas scholarship project)


Accessibility improvement of higher education by supporting tuition fees for secondary institutions and university students.

School supplies support

MYI helps the operation of schools by providing school supplies to teachers of Chimwemwe Nursery schools and Chandawe and Mwadjamira Elementary schools.

Establishment of a Chimwemwe nursery school and a playground

MYI has contributed to building an educational system at all levels through the creation of Chimwemwe nursery school and playgrounds.

Establishment of Dream library

The Dream Library was established in 2022 with the support of the Samsung Dream Scholarship Foundation. Under the guidance of the advisors, students have free access to English books after school and also students participate in volunteer activities. 

Samsung basic English education

MYI offers a basic English education program to help students follow lessons in English in all subjects from 5th grade onwards. 

The literacy, expressiveness, and ability to think are improved and motivation for continuous study is provided through this training. Furthermore, through the parent awareness improvement program, MYI is establishing a foundation to support children's right to have education at home and in the community, thereby increasing the enrollment rate in secondary education and promoting a wider range of career choices.