MYI works to strengthen
agricultural capacity and aids
start-ups and existing businesses

Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy located in the southwestern part of the Indochinese Peninsula in Southeast Asia. 

Cambodia suffered greatly from a long civil war in the mid-late 20th century and a killing field where many intellectuals and civilians were brutally massacred. The GDP per capita is $1,771(IMF, 2022), the lowest among Southeast Asian countries and one of the poorest countries in the world. In the early 2000s, Cambodia's economy took off, posting an average annual growth rate of approx. 7%. Due to the aftermath of COVID-19, the economic growth rate declined significantly to -3.1% in 2020, but a rapid recovery is expected and a growth rate of approx. 6% was expected in 2023. The main industries are agriculture and poor industrial structures such as tailoring, construction, and tourism based on cheap labor. The Cambodian government has been implementing various policies, including a national development strategy, to diversify the economy and develop human resources. MYI also works to increase income and improve the life quality of farmers, who make up the majority of Cambodia's population and supports small businesses and small business improvement, thereby contributing to human resources and the improvement of Cambodia's industrial structure.

Our work

Strengthening agricultural capacities

In 2021-2022, the “Project to Increase Agricultural Household Income” was successfully carried out in Kampong Speu Province, Cambodia, with the support of the International Peace Center Gyeonggi. 

MYI provided high-quality teaching along with theory and practice, including short-term training organized by Cambodia and the Korea Rural Development Cooperation Center, training and practice for agricultural experts, and visits to excellent farms and training on skills in using agricultural equipment and life skills necessary for agricultural activities. 

MYI provided seeds and fertilizers through the farmer’s union, also furnished 17 types of tools useful for rural life, including welding machines and drills, and helped improve agricultural productivity by lending them to farms that had difficulty purchasing them individually.

Start-up and existing business improvement support

In February 2023, MYI organized a “Business Idea Boost Camp” which catalyzes large-scale support projects. MYI provides business training, workshops, and expert mentoring to small business owners who lack professional skills and business knowledge and have few opportunities to participate in support projects. Additionally, MYI reviewed the business plans established by each participant and provided supporting funds to bring their ideas to actual tuition.